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Powered by the Sharjah Government Media Bureau (SGMB), Sharjah Events is the official website for events held in Sharjah throughout the year.

The brief

Sharjah Events aims to attract local and international tourists by showcasing Sharjah’s world class events, culture, adventure, arts, education, technology, and natural beauty. To create excitement for the new year, Sharjah Events launched the Sharjah Events 2021 Calendar online, aimed at promoting all the big events and activities for the year. The brief was to create an engaging digital marketing strategy, as well as a fresh, inviting identity that would attract people from different backgrounds, languages, race, and culture to visit the new webpage and see more of Sharjah.

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Our approach

As the top digital marketing agency in Dubai, we utilised multiple elements for a strong, standout campaign to keep people constantly engaged. The fresh, new Sharjah Events 2021 Calendar web pages attracted attention with pops of colour and strong typography; and engagement was increased with fun games, UGC and riveting content, such as opportunities to #SeeSharjah through the eye of VIPs. Our social media strategy included an exciting new addition, which was the introduction of Saqr, Sharjah Events’ charming new guide who loves helping people to #SeeSharjah. Saqr became a fun way to interact with people on social media and spearheaded games and engagement on the website. Offline interaction was encouraged by giant frames installed in picturesque locations across Sharjah, which encouraged people to take photographs and share their love of Sharjah. All elements of the campaign were cohesively amplified on all digital channels to get people interested in the new Sharjah Events 2021 Calendar and eager to #SeeSharjah.

The result

With its creative makeover and our comprehensive marketing strategy, the new Sharjah Events 2021 Calendar offered multiple engagement opportunities for people to see Sharjah.

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