If you want your audience to perceive you in a certain way, your content must be believable. As a leading photo production and film production company, we look at your brand through a new lens to produce authentic and mind-bending masterpieces.
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We Put the Future

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From product photography and jewelry photography to lifestyle photography and fashion photography. From advertising film production to social media video production. Production is in our blood. Let’s make magic.


Creative Conceptualization is the First Step

At ASTUDIO, a video and photography production house in Dubai, we work through the creative process beginning with conceptualizing the best way to tell your story and captivate your audience through video and photography. We strive to deliver an effective visual piece that embodies your brand’s authenticity, core values, vision, and brand identity. And we do it with panache and tour de force.

Our team of skilled technicians, streamlines the production process for video production or photography production, delivering world-class visual assets and creative content. We break down each stage and guide and manage all elements including pre-production, production, and post-production to create a branded, visual aesthetic for your brand that truly stands out.


Production Management

We manage the whole video production or photoshoot from start to finish. We’ll begin by auditing your brand identity and existing assets, then we will dig in to research your industry and chief competitors, and lastly, we’ll develop a strategic marketing plan that will take your content to the next level and best achieve your business goals.


Casting and Location Scouting

We’ll work together to develop storyboards, mood boards, comprehensive shot lists, and creative avenues that our creators will use to produce your ideal content. Once we have the objectives for visual assets, our team determines the ideal locations and quality talent to bring this shoot to life.


Robust Shooting Capability

We will stay on location during your shoot to make sure your project gets the personal attention it deserves. When it comes to the latest technology, our team can’t be beaten. We make use of the newest industry-leading cameras, audio/video equipment, lighting, and other specialized tools to help make your brand aesthetic shine its brightest.


Digital Editing and Retouching

When we have the visuals we need, then we work on editing the photos/videos. This is where our design team and professional re-touchers become fully involved to put on the finishing touches and finalize the desired aspect ratios for your digital marketing.

With more than 10 years of experience, and offices across the globe including Dubai and the UAE, the ASTUDIO team of seasoned creative professionals make brand stories come to life! Your audience will be captivated by cutting-edge visuals that will entice your audience and enhance your brand.