A new accessories line from acclaimed fashion house ELIE SAAB, known for its feminine yet forward style.

The brief

ASTUDIO was asked to lead the creative and production of the launch campaign for ELIE SAAB Timepieces, marking the brand’s first foray into fine watches to be worn by the modern woman as a statement of sophistication.

Taking inspiration from ELIE SAAB’s haute couture collections, the line of 28 ladies’ styles is spearheaded by EAYAN – a family of five unique watches featuring an eye-shaped face and spiked embellishment.

Our brief was to create a story surrounding EAYAN’s eye design, a protective symbol which “represents a divine, watchful gaze” and communicate that through multimedia content for social media, website, and media buying purposes.

ELIE SAAB Timepieces (6) copy
ELIE SAAB Timepieces (4) copy
Our approach

Through our creative treatment, we developed a story of a female protagonist caught between light and dark – metaphors for good and evil. Her watch becomes her shield; the eye, her protector and guardian to ward off negative energy and spirits.

Visuals of celestial movements and the sound of a thunderstorm spark our audience’s senses as she experiences an introspective awakening, stepping out of the shadows.

To extend the distinct aesthetic for the timepieces across to still-life imagery, the model was captured on set in photography and product-only shots were given an ethereal blue wash with cosmic effects in post-production reminiscent of the campaign.

As part of the project, ASTUDIO also shot and retouched flawless e-comm images of the entire collection for the online retail shop and B2B product brochure.

The results

The campaign stills and film are a beautiful representation of ELIE SAAB’s elegance and the allure of the timepieces. Teaser cuts and product-only snippet videos were produced in support of additional social-optimized content.

Shared with @eliesaabworld’s Instagram audience of over 7m followers, the content was also used across www.eliesaabtime.com, as well as in-store POS.

Director’s notes

“The film has a real high fashion feel in high contrast for edge. I love the spine-tingling silhouetted scenes and the visually powerful synergy between the beam of light reflecting on the watch’s surface and an eclipse in space.”

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